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Frequently Asked Questions
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Question: How long does it take to setup an account? Is there any software to install?
Your account can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. There is no software to install, and configuration of your account is very easy. Simply enter your website address, a title and description of your website, and add a link to your homepage pointing to your links page. We provide you with the code to create your links page. We make it fast and easy!
Question: Will I have to submit my website link to each member of your service?
Absolutely not. Once you subscribe and configure your account, we will activate your link on all of our member's websites and then let you decide which ones you don't want to link to. If you want to link to all of them, your job is finished. You can have your link on every one of our member's websites in 10 minutes!
Question: Will joining help increase my website's search engine ranking?
Incoming links, also known as inbound links or backlinks, have recently gained increasing importance in determining the ranking of a website on the major search engines. Simply optimizing your web pages for the search engines is not enough to get top search engine placement any longer.
Question: How long has been online?
The website was launched in early September, 2008. However, we are part of a link network that has been in existence since 2004. As part of the CyberDev Solutions Network, we have new members that are registering from different websites every day. Our goal is to increase the number of websites in our network by joining forces with other link network websites.
Question: How is different than other link exchange services?
Our system works exactly the opposite of most other link exchange services. Instead of requiring you to submit individual link exchange requests one-by-one to all of our members, we instantly add your website link onto all of our member's websites immediately.
Question: If I join, when will the new links for my website show up?
Instantly! As soon as you configure your account, a link to your website will show up on every one of our member's link pages.
Question: Is this a link farm?
No, it is a link directory. By joining our service you are simply gaining inclusion into our directory, just as you would buy any other directory listing. Google and the other major search engines encourage webmasters to exchange links. All we do is help automate the process. The end result is the same as if you manually exchanged links with other webmasters.
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